EU-Kommissar McCreevy zur 14. RL und zur EPG

Char­lie McCreevy, EU-Kom­mis­sar für Bin­nen­markt und Dienst­leis­tun­gen, hat vor dem EP-Rechts­aus­schuss zu wich­ti­gen The­men des euro­päi­schen Gesell­schafts­rechts gespro­chen

Zur Sitz­ver­le­gungs-Richt­li­nie:

Firstly, we need to make sure that com­pa­nies can fully reap the bene­fits of the Inter­nal Mar­ket. Com­pa­nies should enjoy full mobi­lity wit­hin the EU – which is not the case today. For that rea­son, I have asked my ser­vices to start asses­sing the impact of a Direc­tive enab­ling com­pa­nies to move their regis­tered office from one Mem­ber State to ano­t­her. On that basis, I envi­sage sub­mit­ting a pro­po­sal for a 14th Com­pany Law Direc­tive next spring.” 

Zur Euro­päi­schen Pri­vat­ge­sell­schaft:

Secondly, many sta­ke­hol­ders expres­sed strong sup­port for a Sta­tute for the Euro­pean Pri­vate Com­pany. Your Com­mit­tee has just voted on a report which also sup­ports this idea. I have asked my ser­vices to start work on a study of the fea­si­bi­lity of a Euro­pean Pri­vate Com­pany Sta­tute. We will examine all opti­ons for a simple, user-friendly sta­tute which will also meet the needs of small firms. Howe­ver, I am very cau­tious about intro­du­cing a mul­ti­pli­city of Euro­pean cor­po­rate forms. And I am not yet con­vin­ced about the abi­lity of a Euro­pean Foun­da­tion Sta­tute to respond to the spe­ci­fic needs of foundations.” 

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